About Us

EFO About us Selective mobility products specially suit for frequent travel, escort and trendy user. Latest product (e.g. Android 4.0 stable products) update to let visitor enjoy the update of the market.  EFO also welcome information (send information to EFO Contact us) of latest products and news hence we can share with other visitors.

EFO shop provide convenience for direct end user to order by paypal, visa card and master card etc. credit cards for payment and perform direct purchase. For partners (Wholesaler, OEM, ODM, Re-brand, affilitation etc.), EFO with different arrangement with different type of partners.  EFO open for discussion of the partnership arrangement.  Drop us a message at contact us to communicate with us to see what is the mutual benefit.

EFO locate at Hong Kong that close to the world biggest factory (China).  Those products that we selected are valuable (balance of cost, function and quality). EFO as normal Hong Kong company that very concern with quality product (reliable and functional as describe).  You can click the link of EFO Terms & Conditions to know more about EFO Terms and Conditions.

EFO provide services of ODM, OEM, product collection etc. hence partners can get product that normally will not ship abroad.